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High strength concrete concept

This is a special type of concrete with outstanding high compressive strength, but optimal cement content minimizes heat generation during curing.


Material composition.

Using selected high quality materials: Cement PCB40, Golden Sand with Mn: 2.5 - 3.0, Crushed Stone Dmax type: 25, 20mm. Clean water for domestic use and high-grade superplasticizers.

Application of high strength concrete

Technical standards.

Products are designed and manufactured in accordance with TCVN, ASTM and BS .

Usage benefits.

  • Widely used for high-strength reinforced concrete structures requiring large bearing capacity such as: bridge girders, high-rise building beams and prestressed structures...
  • With this type of product can help the project to exceed the span larger. Reducing the cross section of columns and walls… creating a more open and spacious space.
  • Reduce the amount of reinforcement needed.
  • The ability to develop strength early after 7 days helps to speed up the rotation of formwork and easily implement the next jobs such as plastering, electricity and water ...
  • Withstands heavy loads and shocks.