Application of steel in production


Application of steel in production

In construction outside concrete Beside concrete, there is an indispensable main material as well as it is an important factor determining the durability of the building that is construction steel. Iron and steel. Steel is an important structure in the construction industry. The following of Dufago will introduce you to some general information about the application of construction steel How can you have the most intuitive view of steel?

What is construction steel? – Da Nang Steel

Steel is an alloy between Fe (iron) - C (carbon), carbon content <2%, content of Mn (manganese) <1%, including some other chemical elements such as S (Sulfur), P (Phosphorus). , S (Silicon) and Oxygen. Steel is the most important material for the engineering and construction industries. Popular and widely used in many different fields, we can see the presence of steel everywhere, steel makes high buildings, skyscrapers, from morden aircraft to luxury cars, chairs, shelves ... that we encounter every day.

Application of steel in production
Application of construction steel in production in Da Nang

How is steel produced? – Dufago

There are currently two main methods used to produce construction steel,, which are through electric arc furnaces (EAF) and basic furnaces (BOF).

The biggest difference between these two methods is the participation of input material components in the production process. The raw materials in the production process of the Oxide furnace are iron ore, coal, scrap steel, meanwhile the most commonly used material in electric arc furnaces is scrap steel. Depending on the purpose of the manufacturer as well as the quantity of scrap available for the most appropriate adjustment to increase or decrease in raw material components in the production process.

Application of steel in production
Application of steel in production

Application of steel in construction - Dufago

Architecture: Steel has rigidity - good ability to frame the building, so steel is present 25% in construction.
Support bar: Steel has elasticity, flexion, good bonding with concrete, so steel is present 44% in construction. In addition, steel has a low cost and coefficient of thermal expansion (the coefficient of thermal expansion is a physical quantity that characterizes the size change as temperature changes). Reinforced concrete is the main material used for basements and foundations in buildings.
Steel plate products: 31% made of steel is used in construction applications such as ceilings, building exterior walls, roofs and cladding, external insulation panels outside buildings.
Steel is also used to make air conditioning equipment, heaters and pipes inside buildings.
Steel is used to make railroad tracks, stairs, beds, etc…

Application of steel in production
Application of steel in production

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Application of steel in production
Application of steel in production


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