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Sulfate resistant concrete

Sulfate resistant concrete is a special type of concrete, using sulfate resistant cement or sulfate resistant additives. Due to special mineralizing mechanisms inside the structure of concrete after curing, concrete is resistant to harmful elements such as sulfate ions, chloride ions, enhancing the corrosion resistance of concrete. and reinforcement in aggressive environments (sea water, wastewater, water containing industrial chemicals, etc.). This type of sulfate-resistant concrete is suitable for underground structures of marine and coastal works, wastewater treatment systems, embankments, chemical channels, chemical storage tanks, etc.


Material composition.

Using selected high quality materials: PCSR40 sulfate resistant cement, yellow sand with modulus of magnitude: 2.5 - 3.0, Dmax crushed stone type: 25mm, 20mm. Clean water for domestic use, silicafume-based sulphate stability additives and high-grade superplasticizers or superplasticizers.

Technical standards.

Products are designed and manufactured to meet current TCVN, ASTM and BS.

Usage benefits.

  • Eliminates the risk of attack by aggressive elements for concrete and reinforcement, resisting environmental corrosion.
  • Prevents chloride ion penetration into concrete.
  • Increase the waterproofing of the structure.
  • Increase the durability and life of the building.