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Proper concrete curing methods will be shared by Dufago below to ensure durable concrete quality over time. The essence of the concrete curing process is to control the water evaporation of the concrete scientifically, along with which will ensure the formation of structure and develop better quality concrete strength.

Correct method of curing concrete
Correct method of curing concrete

Why curing concrete?

Even if the concrete has a good grade, but if the concrete is not properly maintained, the quality of the concrete will not be good. In a dry environment - water in concrete evaporates quickly, leading to insufficient water supply during hydration, which easily causes cracking.

Therefore, proper technical concrete maintenance is very necessary, both saving time and ensuring the quality requirements set forth.

Correct methods of curing concrete

Spray water and soak in water to keep moisture

There are many ways to cure concrete, the way most people do it is spraying and soaking to keep moisture. This is the easiest way to do it, but it should be noted that when spraying, it must be sprayed regularly, without leaving any area and at a constant cycle to avoid creating crow's feet cracks on the concrete surface. In addition, small jet water should be used, not strong water jets that cause erosion of concrete and uneven surfaces.

Spray water regularly within a week continuously, if within two days after pouring concrete, it is recommended to use protective gear to avoid direct rain on concrete.

Covered with a thin layer of nylon

Plastic coating is very important when pouring concrete in hot weather, helping to reduce cement hydration, limit concrete cracking and reduce R28 strength.

Maintenance by covering with plastic bags combined with continuous watering
Maintenance by covering with plastic bags combined with continuous watering
Keep the trunk in place

It is very important to keep the formwork in place, which will ensure the best moisture content of the concrete. Besides, when spraying water directly into the formwork, it will increase the amount of moisture. Formwork boards must be moistened, covering exposed concrete areas from the formwork. In hot weather should cure within 1 week.

The formwork is removed when the concrete members have enough material strength to stabilize the structure. Formwork stays for as long as possible, usually 1 month in normal conditions, however nowadays with technology ready mixed concrete will reach durability after 7 days.

Keep the formwork intact after pouring
Keep the formwork intact after pouring

In addition, concrete curing must be Maintenance from the inside out, avoid physical collisions. And the maintenance process takes place within 28 days to achieve the best quality.


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