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Ready-mix concrete or site-mixed concrete


Many people are questionable about whether to use ready-mixed or site-mixed concreteTake a look at this article to learn about the benefits of ready-mix concrete that make it superior to site-mixed concrete. 

Ready-mix concrete or site-mixed concrete
Ready-mix concrete or site-mixed concrete

Advantages of ready-mix concrete

In terms of specifications and quality, ready-mixed concrete and site-mixed concrete seem to be similar. The following are some advantages of ready-mix concrete. 

  • Faster concrete pouring time, saving more time:

Choosing ready-mix concrete eliminates the need to spend additional time transporting sand, crushed stone, and cement to the construction site, as site-mixed concrete does. You can also save time when not hiring concrete placers.

Furthermore,you can supply a large amount in a short period of time, 1,000m3/batching plant/day. 

  • No needed space for assembling and mixing concrete

In terms of places with limited storage space, such as houses in cities or small alleys, ready-mix concrete is the best solution. 

  • Ensure environmental hygiene in concrete site

The concrete site will not be polluted by materials dropped during the concreting

  • No noise

Using mixer trucks and pumb cars with less noise, fast rate of concrete placement 

  • Not consume human resources and save construction cost

Ready-mix concrete is batched by automatic machines and equipment and carefully tested to ensure uniformity and compliance with standards. Simultaneously, the mixer trucks with conduits will directly pump into the floors instead of using pulleys, avoiding concreting risks.

Ready-mix concrete or site-mixed concrete

As a result, ready-mix concrete has numerous advantages and eliminates all of the shortcomings of site-mixed concrete. The construction phase will be simpler and cost-effective with ready-mix concrete. Besides, it is applicable to all constructions and reliefs.

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