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The price of concrete pouring 2022 is one of the questions many people want to find out before building a project. In addition to knowing the cost of pouring concrete to calculate construction costs, the quality of concrete is also very important. Consider carefully before choosing a concrete supplier for your project. Let's find out the price list of concrete floors, Dufago concrete company receives foundation, compaction, columns, floors ... committed to bringing the best quality products & services to customers. 

Price list for pouring concrete floor 2021
Cost of pouring concrete floor 

The process of pouring concrete floor, foundation, foundation with correct technique

When pouring concrete for the roof, it is necessary to have waterproofing techniques. Concrete pouring of floors, foundations, and foundations also requires special techniques and maintenance to prevent cracking. The thickness of the foundation layer of the current housing project is 8-10cm. To avoid stratification, it is recommended to pour in a backward direction and in a single layer.

It is necessary to divide the floor into several parts to pour, each part has a width of 1-2m and then proceed to pour in parts. When pouring to about 1 meter from the main girder, proceed to pour the main girder. To avoid standing water in the corners of the formwork, operations such as compaction and rubbing must be done quickly so that the concrete compacts and does not have holes in the surface. 

Price list for pouring concrete floor

Concrete Mac 100800,000 VND
Concrete Mac 150850,000 VND
Concrete Mac 200900,000 VND
Concrete Mac 250950,000 VND
Concrete Mac 3001000,000 VND
Concrete Mac 3501050,000 VND
Concrete Mac 4001,100,000 VND
Concrete Mac 4501,150,000 VND
Concrete Mac 5001,200,000 VND
  • Note: Concrete price list 2022 will change, adjust according to the contract appendix if the market price of raw materials changes. The price list is for reference only, contact the Dufago team for the most specific quote


It is necessary to carefully prepare and plan the steps from design to construction to get the desired project. Here, Dufago concrete would like to share Steps to prepare before pouring concrete:

  • First, it is necessary to prepare construction machinery and ensure human resources
  • Clean up to ensure hygiene of the area to be poured: flush with water to clean the formwork and reinforcement
  • Ensure safety when pouring floors, foundations: check whether reinforcement, scaffolding is firm or not to ensure safety for workers
  • Calculation should use table compactor or floor beam when the floor thickness is less than 30cm
  • For floors with a thickness of more than 30cm, it is recommended to use a vibrating compactor powered by gasoline or electricity
  • Prepare enough materials from quality to quantity such as cement, iron, steel because raw materials will directly affect the quality of the work.


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