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Last November 26, Dufago Strategy Seminar lasted well. With the participation of the Administrative Council, the Board of Supervisors, along with the Executive Board.
At the Seminar, Mr. Le Truong Ky, the Chairman of the Board emphasized the essential of the strategy, he stated, "Strategy is the core of a business". More importantly, Dufago continues to use the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) goal-setting system, which aids in creating focus on the critical goals. OKRs have been used in the system for three years, and department leaders have all become experts in them. The goal is to leverage the goals and key outcomes in the hope of propelling the company forward. The strategy for 2023 is being evaluated to ensure that it is realistic and well-defined in comparison to previous years.The Seminar continued enthusiastically throughout each section, with people contributing their ideas to improve the strategy. With the effort and promise to achieve the goals, with confidence, Dufago will be experience a successful year of 2023.
Let’s look at some photos of the Strategy Seminar 2023
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