A solid foundation - creating thousands of beliefs




  • Dufago understands that: competitiveness does not depend on the amount of capital and technology, but it is determined by how the people are organized, it really matches the size and orientation of the company.

  • Dufago's cultural values are: only taking HUMAN - DUC as the root can help build a team of solidarity, love and support for each other to do great things.

  • In Dufago, instead of "Do it for me" is "Do it with me". We attach personal responsibility to all jobs, even the smallest, replacing positions when we are not qualified. All activities are based on efficiency and quantification.

  • Dufago set the highest standards to maintain the image, clean and safe working environment for employees, partners and the community.

  • Dufago's Ethics Policy:

    • Ethical Policy Dufago are standards and principles that all employees must adhere to. Ethical policies not only help Dufago sustainable development, but also protect the interests of customers, and affirm the personality and values of employees Dufago.