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Financial capacity

In addition to the willingness to support investment capital from Vietnamese credit institutions, Dufago Concrete Company is currently a well-balanced financial source, ensuring the completion of projects that the Company is and will participate in. supply.

Revenue chart of the last 5 years

Profit chart of the last 5 years

Dufago Building Materials Joint Stock Company (stock code PDB) will hold its annual general meeting of shareholders in 2021. This meeting marks a very important milestone in the development of Dufago, with its development strategy. 10-year development (2021 - 2030). Accordingly, one of the important strategies submitted by the Board of Directors to this AGM is the birth of Din Capital Investment Group Joint Stock Company with a vision to 2030 to become a prestigious and standard investment channel. International standards have the most attractive profit rates in Vietnam, cooperate with foreign countries to invest in real estate, high-quality housing projects.

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2021

With the expansion of scale and business lines, the General Meeting of Shareholders discussed and voted to approve the plan to issue shares to increase charter capital in 2021 from VND 89,099,810,000 to VND 178,199,620,000 , the shares will be offered for sale to existing shareholders. Raising charter capital, issuing more shares to existing shareholders in order to bring maximum benefits to shareholders. To affirm transparency and high trust for investors, the company's goal by 2023 will hire Big 4 auditors to audit the company's financial statements annually. Big 4's audit report will have higher reliability, be appreciated by investors and put more trust, bringing benefits to businesses.