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Proper concrete quality check is one of the topics that attracts contractors’ attention, because the quality of concrete directly affects the project/ works. In fact, there are many methods, commonly used are concrete sampling and core drilling. Let’s learn how to do this with Dufago:

Concrete Check Before Pouring

Before pouring, it is necessary to check whether the concrete satisfies the given requirements, it is necessary to follow the procedures:

  • Conduct concrete slump tests.
  • Conduct concrete cylinder testing to verify its quality.
  • Check the amount of water in mixed concrete to ensure its original quality.
  • Mix concrete well so that when discharging the concrete sample, the most accurate slump can be achieved.
  • Proceed to remove the mold, soak the specimen for a while for later quality evaluation.
Kiểm tra chất lượng bê tông trước khi đổ
Kiểm tra chất lượng bê tông trước khi đổ

Proceed To Conduct Compressive Strength Test on Concrete Specimens

After a 28-day curing period, the 15cm x 15cm x 15cm concrete cube specimen is placed in the machine to determine concrete compressive strength in units of MPa (N/mm²) or daN/cm² (kG/cm²).

Hình ảnh ép mẫu bê tông
Hình ảnh kiểm tra độ sụt bê tông

Steps of Conducting Core Drilling Tests

The core drilling is a method used by many people to check the quality of concrete. In order to complete the procedure, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Locate the drilling core to be tested, usually customers will locate it beforehand.
  • Step 2: Use a core drill to extract a concrete specimen to be tested.
  • Step 3: Mark on the concrete specimens and flat cut 2 ends of the specimen along the mark with a cutter.
  • Step 4: Measure the size of the concrete specimens.
  • Step 5: Check all parameters on the specimens (e.g., diameter, rebar spacing.)
  • Step 6: Cap the concrete specimen with specialized materials and ensure that it has a smooth, parallel, and uniform bearing surface.
  • Step 7: Put the cylindrical specimen in the compression testing machine.
  • Step 8: Load is applied continuously at the rate within the range of 2-10daN­­­­/cm2 until the specimen fails.
Hình minh họa các bước khoan mẫu bê tông
Hình minh họa các bước khoan mẫu bê tông


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