Only later I knew,

That flower forest does not belong to anyone ...

... which belongs to the DUFAGO boys ???

A surprise party from the guys Dufago gave to the company's sisters on Vietnam Women's Day 20-10

International Women's Day October 20
Happy International Women's Day October 20 in Dufago

The party is a sincere thanks to the Company's sisters / younger sisters for their support in the past time, not only in work but in daily life.

International Women's Day October 20

As a company specializing in ready mixed concrete production, trading in construction materials, the number of women in the Company accounts for only 10% of the total of more than 250 people but the role and contribution of women to the development of the Company is undeniable. It can be said that you are the solid rear, the foundation contributing to the sustainable development of the Company as in the company's slogan towards "A solid foundation – An endless beliefs"


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