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There are a lot of people looking for a company right now Quang Ngai fresh concrete Quality assurance of products including services. To satisfy customers about those criteria, Dufago Concrete constantly improves the quality of products, services and even labor safety in the concrete pouring process. Please refer to the addresses of concrete distribution stations as follows: 

Pouring concrete in Quang Ngai
Pouring concrete in Quang Ngai

Pouring fresh concrete Quang Ngai

In Quang Ngai branch, Dufago has 2 concreting plants right in Dung Quat Industrial Park, which is the gathering point of plants. The second plants is located in Tinh Phong – Quang Ngai. The prime locations are the factors that create Dufago’s covarage in the city market. Detailed locations are as the follows: 

👉 Dung Quat Factory - Quang Ngai: located in Tuyet Diem village 3 - Binh Thuan commune - Binh Son district - Quang Ngai province 
👉 Batching Plant in Tinh Phong – Quang Ngai: : located at Lot 08, Tinh Phong Industrial Park, Tinh Phong, Son Tinh, Quang Ngai
👉 Contact: 0899 154 747 để được hỗ trợ đổ bê tông 
Dufago . commercial concrete batching plant
Dufago . commercial concrete batching plant
More than 15 years of intensive operation in the production of commercial concrete, Dufago today has affirmed its position in the market. Meeting all the needs of customers, serving the project even in remote areas. Dufago Concrete is committed to being a supplier of commercial concrete products with the best quality and service to customers.

Price of fresh concrete Quang Ngai

Price of fresh concrete in Quang Ngai  This is a question many people are interested in right now.

Gọi vào số liên hệ 0899 154 747 để được báo giá cụ thể nhất 

  • Note: Price of concrete grade 250 Quang Ngai in 2022 will change continuously when the source of market raw materials changes in price like today. The price list is for reference only. 

Explore more price list of fresh concrete 2022 in other provinces, namely Quang Ngai 

Dufago Concrete promises to be the top-qualified supplier providing concrete with the best quality and service to to our valued customers. Please contact us via:
👉 SĐT tư vấn: 0899 154 747 – đổ bê tông Quang Ngai 
👉 Address: Tinh Phong CKN-Son Tinh-Quang Ngai 
👉 Dufago's fanpage
👉 Pouring concrete in Quang Ngai


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