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The strategy of safely adapting to Covid-19 has been gradually adapted by Din Capital company after a period of social distancing


The company's leaders had a sharing session on the strategy of "adapting safely to covid-19" by Mr. Dang Tien Duc, General Director of Din Capital and the participation of all department leaders. in both face-to-face and online formats.
Strategies for safe adaptation to covid at Din Capital
Strategies for safe adaptation to covid-19 at Din Capital
The strategic content has analyzed the current economic context in Vietnam, forcing us to transform ourselves and come up with appropriate solutions to improvise to adapt and survive during this epidemic period.


Solutions to be implemented in 2021
Solutions to be implemented in 2021
👉 The first solution is 4 green enterprise including green personnel, green businesses, green customers and green transactions. In this content, it is aimed at organizing safe production and applying digital transformation of technology to work, as well as prioritizing the form of remote working.
4 green businesses are applied to the strategy
👉 Next is Change leadership mindset to overcome the crisis- very important, in which change the 5+1 strategy as follows:
📍 Corporate culture in strategy: customer-centric, unanimously put the company's interests above personal interests.
📍 Provide the right financial solution to maintain cash flow, cut costs and control risks.
📍 Along with that is diversifying products and expanding markets, establishing new distribution channels and increasing the value of gray matter.
📍 The operating apparatus is also more streamlined and flexible to adapt quickly.
📍 Thereby, the CEO also emphasized that human resource is an important factor. Each member of Din Capital has a sense of learning to develop themselves, everyone is united with a willingness to overcome challenges.
Change leadership mindset at Din Capital
Change leadership mindset at Din Capital
🔰 The sharing session took place within 1 session but condensed a lot of meaning and emotions. Din Capital always believes that all difficulties today are just challenges and together build a stronger development Din Capital.
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