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We appreciate your contributions to the Company's development. Each award is a sweet and worthy achievement due to the efforts that you have put in effort and dedication. That is the inspiration, a great motivation for the Dufago Concrete collective to thrive in the future.

In the morning of April 23rd, at Thanh Vinh Batching Plant, Dufago Concrete held a ceremony to commend and reward individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements in March 2020.

This is a monthly recurring activity, aiming to motivate and encourage individuals to constantly strive to successfully complete their assigned tasks, as well as show the Board of Directors' deep concern to all employees.
Commendable individuals and collectives include:
1️⃣ Awarding "brilliant star" in April to the team of quality management.- This is an award for creativity and innovation in order to improve the quality and efficiency to contribute to the development of the company.
- With improvements: The new mixed design brings economic efficiency and convenience during construction execution.

2️⃣ Most shipments reward in March 2020
– Tran Quang Sang, Delivery Staff at Thanh Vinh
– Dang Xuan Trai, Delivery Staff at Cam Le
– Truong Xuan Ngoc, Delivery Staff at Thanh Vinh

3️⃣ Fuel efficient reward in March 2020
– Tran Hung, Delivery Staff at Cam Le
– Nguyen Duc John, Delivery Staff at Cam Le
– Tran Ngoc Toan, Delivery Staff at Cam Le

4️⃣ Operating and using tires efficient reward in March
– Dang Xuan Trai, Delivery Staff at Cam Le
– Nguyen Duc John, Delivery Staff at Cam Le

5️⃣ Best Sale reward in March
– Le Vu Phuc – Deputy Sales Department

Combined with the commendation ceremony was the propaganda program on the 5S at Dufago Concrete batching plant system. This is a monthly activity at all Batching plants to propagate to keep a clean, healthy environment, create a healthy and safe working atmosphere for employees, partners and the community.

The commendation and award ceremony took place very happily and excitedly. During the ceremony, the winners continued to exchange experiences to achieve outstanding achievements in order to build and promote that achievement in the next month.


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