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Many people nowadays are keen to know about Dufago concrete they are the same group as Dinco ConcreteThe answer is that our brand was renamed Dufago Concrete from Dinco Concrete; Dufago is Dinco's new name. Let's take a closer look at our formation and development history, as well as the history of our name changes:

Dinco . concrete
Dinco . concrete

History of formation of Dinco Concrete- Dufago Concrete: 

Dinco Concrete Enterprise was founded Fresh concrete as a large construction company in the Central of Vietnam, with an understanding of our own difficulties as well as those of our fellow contractors, to produce high quality mixed concrete in Da Nang for our own sake as well as to meet the needs of construction. Fresh concrete is produced automaticallyon a modern synchronously installed conveyor belt by a team of creative, knowledgeable engineers and managers. Dinco Concrete (now Dufago Concrete) has been producing high-quality products that meet the demands of the most discerning domestic and foreign investors.

Dinco . concrete
Dinco . concrete

Dinco Concrete was aware that the delay, lengthening construction time, and completion of the project exploitation due to a lack of construction materials would result in significant loss. Dinco Concrete Enterprise officially renamed to Pacific Dinco Joint Stock Company in January 2010, after obtaining permission from the General Meeting of Shareholders after three years of operation, in order to improve financial and human resources, expand production scale, and invest in technology. These changes and developments are intended to provide customers with complete satisfaction in terms of product and service quality. Pacific Dinco Joint Stock Company successfully renamed Dufago Building Materials Joint Stock Company in 2020.

The company's name was changed to Dufago Concrete One Member Limited Liability Company in 2022. Slowly but steadily , with unwavering efforts, Dufago Concrete has risen to become the leading concrete supplier, with a nationwide service network and the best choice for domestic and foreign contractors and investors. Dufago Concrete is proud to be the fresh concrete supplier with outstanding quality, quick service, and devotion after 15 years in the market.

Dinco concrete is Dufago . concrete
Dinco concrete is Dufago . concrete

Formation and development milestones of Dinco Concrete – Dufago Concrete 

Is Dufago concrete the same as Dinco concrete?
Is Dufago concrete the same as Dinco concrete?

Dufago Concrete One Member Limited Liability Company’s Executive Board

  • General Manager - CEO: Mr. Dang Tien Duc
  • Deputy General Manager: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao 
  • Deputy General Manager: Mr. Nguyen Van Trieu 
  • For further information about the Executive Board, access here: A https://dufago.com.vn/ban-dieu-hanh/

All information about Dinco Concrete and Dufago Concrete has been clarified above. 

Dufago Concrete promises to be the top-qualified supplier providing concrete with the best quality and service to our Precious Customer. Contact us via:
👉 Phone: 0901.12.47.47 / 0915.73.79.73 (zalo)
👉 Address: 233 Dien Bien Phu – Hoa Khe Ward – Thanh Khe District – City. Danang
👉 Dinco . concrete
👉 Concreting in Da Nang, Quang Nam, and Quang Ngai 


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