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At Dufago Concrete, there are always personnel training courses to improve the knowledge and skills of each employee in the company. Whether you are young or you are old, have a working seniority, you will always keep the position of constantly trying to learn to improve your knowledge and improve your skills every day.

? On the morning of March 05th, 2020, Dufago Concrete continued to organize training to improve the knowledge and skills of employees with training contents including:

1. Professional sales skills and customer care 3.0
2. Communication and negotiation skills

? The training course was chaired by Mr. Dang Tien Duc - General Director of Dufago Concrete with the enthusiastic participation of the members of the management board and sales department staffs. The enthusiastic and equally fun guidance, alternated with everyday situations, makes the lesson more lively. The groups had exciting discussions to make the personnel training session equally interesting.

? In addition to improving skills and adding specialized knowledge, people have the opportunity to share and accumulate more relevant knowledge and experience to improve sales skills, customer care and self-service communication, flexibly handle situations to bring high efficiency in work and life.

? Believing in your own abilities, believing what you have learned and properly applied is the fastest way for you to reach success, this is also the purpose of Dufago Construction Materials Joint Stock Company to train personnel.



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