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Construction season is a period when investors actively search for qualified supply of materials for the building works that they are investing. In the same way, it can’t be denied that at the moment, they are also seeking for concrete pouring service in the area of Tam Ky – Quang Nam. đổ bê tông Tam Kỳ- Quảng Nam năm 2023 hiện nay. 

Đổ bê tông Tam Kỳ- Quảng Nam năm 2023
Đổ bê tông Tam Kỳ- Quảng Nam năm 2023

What is ready-mix concrete? 

Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is a term for concrete that is manufactured in batching plants, and then delivered to construction sites upon request. RMC is a mixture of sand, aggregates, cement, water, and admixtures based on a set recipe.

Currently, RMC is widely in use in industrial building works, road building, residential housing, industrial parks, villas, and more.

Classification of fresh concrete by grade

In the RMC market, there are many types of concrete to meet the demands and requirements of investors that are classified into different grades, from M100, 150, 200 to 250, 300, or even to M600. 

Compressive strength of M200 concrete is 90kg/cm2 according to the calculation of the first limit states in concrete design. When referring to grade M200 of concrete, we are talking about the tensile strength at 200kg/cm2 of concrete specimen in standard size, which is tested after 28 days curing in conventional conditions. Nowadays, with the innovation of technologies, compressive strength of concrete can reach 1,000kg/cm2 or beyond, which is called high strength concrete. 

Đổ bê tông Tam Kỳ- Quảng Nam năm 2023
Đổ bê tông Tam Kỳ- Quảng Nam năm 2023


It is necessary to carefully prepare and plan ahead steps in the procedures from designing to constructing to achieve the desired works. Following next is some tips that Dufago thinks will be beneficial for you in prior preparation for concrete pouring.:

  • • Ensure the supply of heavy equipment and sufficient human resources.
  • • Clean and ensure hygiene of the concrete placing area (e.g., water-rinsed scaffoldings and rebars before placing concrete)
  • • Ensure safety while pouring foundation and floors: Perform scaffolding inspections on its stability and other criteria to guarantee workplace safety.
  • • Choose either internal vibrators or steel rebars when the thickness of concrete layer is less than 30cm
  • • For floors with a thickness of more than 30cm, it is recommended to use petrol engine internal vibrators.
  • • Make sure to prepare materials of adequate quality and quantity (e.g., cement, iron, steel, etc.). It is because materials play a crucial role in the quality of the building works.

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Dufago . fresh concrete batching plant
Dufago . fresh concrete batching plant
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