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How to handle when pouring fresh concrete in the rain, Proper concrete quality check is one of the topics that attracts contractors’ attention, because the quality of concrete directly affects the project/ works. In fact, there are many methods, commonly used are concrete sampling and core drilling. Let’s learn how to do this with Dufago: help you deal with this difficult situation.
how to pour concrete when it rains
how to pour concrete when it rains

How to handle when pouring fresh concrete in the rain

Usually, before starting construction, our ancestors often had the concept that they had to go to see the date, check the time to choose a good date and time to start construction for convenience, the family had a lot of luck. However, sometimes the weather is not as nice as expected. Therefore, even though we have chosen a date, before pouring the floor and starting construction, we always need to see the weather forecast to have the most suitable treatment measures to the changes of the weather. These are considered necessary preparatory steps for the construction process to take place more actively.

Need to prepare necessary materials before pouring concrete


Prepare items and check the drainage system before pouring
Prepare silver cover before pouring concrete
The necessary items before pouring concrete need to prepare about 1-2 large, thick tarpaulins that can block the rain if the amount of rain and time is heavy.
Besides the items, it is necessary to review and re-check the drainage system to ensure that if it rains heavily, the water will drain quickly without stagnation of the work, especially the concrete part (if the foundation pit is concreted). ).

How to handle if it suddenly rains while pouring

During the construction process, if the rain suddenly comes, it is necessary to see how the rainfall is to make a decision to continue or stop. If the rainfall is small and does not affect much, it should continue to pour. If it rains heavily, you should cover the canvas and wait until it stops, then continue construction. Check the safety of construction work in rainy conditions such as electric shock, concrete transport road and protect the poured concrete by covering rain-proof tarpaulin.
However, if it is under construction, but because it rains, it must be stopped, it is necessary to pay attention to handle the concrete stop circuit properly, otherwise it will affect the load-bearing structure of the work, making the quality of the work not guaranteed.

How to handle concrete stop circuit?


handle concrete stop circuits thoroughly
handle concrete stop circuits thoroughly
The ways to handle the concrete stop circuit are as follows:
– Clean and water cement on the surface of the old concrete layer before pouring new concrete
– Scratch the surface, chisel out all the unqualified concrete, then water the cement.
– Use of binder additives for stop circuits
– Preset the steel blade at the stop position when applying the concrete layer first.
– When constructing large blocks or structures, we should divide the pouring area into several parts, choosing with the circuit to stop construction.
It is necessary to handle the stop circuit carefully so that the two layers of new and old concrete adhere to each other.


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