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The application of fiber-reinforced concrete to the industrial floor is a topic of interest among people. Let’s learn some facts and applications of fiber-reinforced concrete in the article below: 

What is fiber-reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete is a material composed of fresh concrete and aggregates reinforced with small steel fibers insides. 
In other words: fiber reinforced concrete is a combination of concrete and the bearing of steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc. Each fiber has its own different features, which will help increase the durability/strength of concrete..

Application of fiber-reinforced concrete
Application of fiber-reinforced concrete

Outstanding advantages of fiber-reinforced concrete

Advantages of fiber reinforced concrete
Advantages of fiber reinforced concrete

Being composed of different materials allows fiber-reinforced concrete to be more flexible and durable than the normal one, which extends its service life, increases durability of the construction entities, limits cracks, and improves the long-term safety of the building after pouring.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, fiber-reinforced concrete fully meets the technical requirements such as high strength, good adhesion, no cracking, bending and shear resistance. The load bearing capacity of fiber-reinforced concrete is much higher compared to traditional one; thereby, improving the durability of the project. 

Especially bearing capacity of fiber reinforced concrete many times higher than traditional concrete, thereby improving the durability of the building.

Application of fiber-reinforced concrete 

Thanks to these advantages, fiber-reinforced concrete is mostly applied to construction projects with industrial floors, basements, garages.
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Input materials and the solutions to overcome disadvantages of fiber-reinforced concrete are shown in the video below:

Common types of fiber-reinforced concrete 

Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete 

As it is a combination of concrete and fiberglass, glass fiber reinforced concrete has the outstanding advantage of the ability to flexibility in transformation, meeting the high difficulty in technique requirements of construction works. Glass fiber-reinforced concrete is reinforced with fiberglass and plasticizing admixtures mixed in the cement layer, so its ductility and flexural strength are quite high. Therefore, it is commonly used in harsh constructions.

The function of glass fiber-reinforced concrete: because of having very high ductility, the glass fiber-reinforced concrete is mainly used to shape the roof, or is used as a covering material with freely shaped and colored according to the requirements.

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Polymer Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Fiber-reinforced polymer bars (FRP) are made of continuous fibers that are immersed in a polymer resin binder. The function of fibers is to carry loads while the function of polymer resin is to bind fibers, transmit loads to the fibers and protect them.

Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Concrete 

Basalt fiber is a kind of admixture that supports the reinforcement of fiber-reinforced concrete. The beneficial features of basalt fiber-reinforced concrete are:

- Reducing internal cracks of the building.

- Enhancing the waterproofing ability of concrete.

- Reducing the drying time of concrete.

Dramix Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

As a discontinuous and high-strength steel fiber, which is randomly distributed on the concrete surface. The significant advantages of Dramix steel fiber-reinforced concrete are:

– Dramix fiber can be used to replace ordinary steels and to reduce the thickness of concrete blocks.

– The cost of Dramix fiber is much more economical than its of the ordinary steel.

Carbon Fiber-Reinforced concrete 

It is a type of innovative material that synthesizes the advantages of other types of building materials. Noteworthy advantages of carbon fiber reinforced concrete are:

– Helping the project be operated in a simple, fast way and reducing construction expenses.

– The surface of carbon fiber-reinforced concrete is stronger compared to the traditional concrete.

– Preserving the modern architectural structure of the construction projects.


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