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Youth is meeting!

“My youth is meeting precious colleagues under the Dufago Concrete family home. In this common home, I have the opportunity to work, to be devoted, to play, and to freely struggle with the passion of youth. Along the way, I thankfully thank the Dufago Concrete family for being a part of my youthful memories. ”

Mrs Minh Thuong - Accounting department
This is the confession of Ms. Thuong, one of the employees who with the company during 12 years of establishment and development. Her confession at the gala dinner made the party more meaningful and filled with the love and cohesion of the Dufago Concrete family.

🛳🛳 On January 30th , 2020 to February 1st, 2020, Dinco Concrete organized an exciting tour to the beloved Central region at Ly Son Islandin Quang Ngai Province with the theme of the trip. "I CAN'T, WE CAN".

🛳🛳 The theme of the trip is shown throughout the Team building program with the solidarity and best efforts of the teams. All people are passionate and enthusiastic in the games and successfully conquered all challenges of the program. True to the spirit and temperament of Dufago concrete people, with consensus, solidarity, and determination to implement, it will surely be successful because it is the intellectual strength of the collective to the highest level.

🛳🛳 Followed by a Gala Dinner party with fun and exciting games. When night falls, we sit together again to set up campfire to confide our confidences and exchange words of love during the journey together under the Dufago Concrete family.


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