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What is ready mixed concrete? Ready mixed concrete mixing method.


What is ready mixed concrete? Ready mixed concrete mixing method.

Ready mixed concrete also has another name, also known as fresh concrete, one of the popular construction materials today. This is a high quality mixed concrete mortar, which saves money and time and space in construction. So What kind of concrete is this? How to mix this concrete? Dufago will help you understand with the article below.

What's the deal?
Dufago commercial concrete in Da Nang

1. General concept of ready mixed concrete - Dufago

Ready mixed concrete is a mixture of sand, cement, stone, water and some other additives that are mixed evenly at batching plants or specialized concrete mixers. Each type is mixed according to a proportional balance and different layout depending on the characteristics of each product code.
Currently, this concrete has product types including: concrete Grade from M100 to M450. Each type has a different ratio of cement / sand / stone, so it has different strength properties.

Dufago commercial concrete in Da Nang
Dufago commercial concrete in Da Nang

Products are widely used in construction projects, buildings, public works, to civil houses. With many outstanding properties to save construction time, convenient to use compared to other types of concrete. More especially, ready mixed concrete helps to save money and high quality so they are chosen more in construction, especially for large projects.

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2. Method of mixing concrete – ready mixed concrete in Da Nang

The method of mixing ready mixed concrete is quite simple and completely automatic by machines. Mixing concrete does not take the effort and labor of mixing traditional concrete (Concrete mixing in Da Nang)

The steps and methods of mixing ready mixed concrete include:

Step 1: Prepare the materials before mixing
The mixing materials include: sand, crushed stone, cement, gravel, water, some specialized additives.

The materials are washed to ensure the quality of the concrete after mixing.

The material is weighed according to the ratio of concrete type and batch weight.

For example, concrete M250 will have less cement percentage than M350 concrete.

Step 2: Prepare to mix concrete
After determining the amount of materials to be used. Carry out the gathering of materials as specified in the aggregate storage trough.

Step 3: Conduct mixing
Concrete mixer There are many ways to mix concrete, such as by hand, by mixing with local concrete pourers such as pear mixer, self-propelled ... these mixing methods are only applicable for small houses. For large concrete production establishments and construction works, big batching plant are needed.

After the aggregates are put into the trough, the conveyor belt at the concrete mixing plant will operate, bringing the aggregates into the concrete mixing tank. The materials will be mixed together according to available proportions depending on the project that we apply.
The materials are well mixed for a certain period of time and then give finished product.

This mixing method is completely automatic, so the efficiency is great for large projects.

3. With Dufago learn the concept of slump and how to test the slump on concrete

The transported and used concrete product is a liquid mortar with the aim of ensuring flexibility in molding and application. Slump of concrete is the fluidity of concrete mortar. Slump is a measure of the flowability of a concrete mixture before the impact of self-weight or vibrations. Slump of concrete The main product is the fluidity of the concrete mortar. Slump is a measure of the ability of a concrete mix to flow under the influence of its own weight or vibrations.
Concrete slump is measured with a specialized tool that requires high meticulousness and precision in units of (cm). Slump is calculated according to TCVN 3105-93 or ASTM C143-90A (SN).

How to check for slump is as follows:
+ Prepare for the inspection

Specialized slump testing tools (flat tray, trowel, steel cone rod, slump cone, steel ruler)

+ Conducting a check

Place mixing pans on flat floors and moisten them moderately with water, keeping the sink in place.
Pour the concrete tighten 1/3 of the cone, then compact it using the steel bar in a circular motion 25 times in each layer. Then continue to add concrete to the remaining 2/3 cone, mark and continue to compact 25 times as before.
Remove any excess concrete from the surface and opening of the pyramid, using a steel rod to remove it. Then gently lift the slipper off the concrete, making sure it doesn't move.
Then measure the slump of concrete with steel concrete ruler.

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