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What is fresh concrete? Application and mixing method


What is fresh concrete? This is a question that many people are interested in today because of its wide range of applications and outstanding advantages. Let's find out more applications, benefits and methods of mixing fresh concrete in the article below:


Concrete pre-mixed called Fresh concrete or is commercial concrete. The concrete is called fresh concrete or ready mixed concrete. Fresh concrete consists of the standard mix of cement, sand, water and additives to produce concrete with different strength properties. Fresh concrete is used in large projects, high buildings and civil works with many outstanding advantages compared to manual mixing, automatic production line with machinery and management of aggregate from the stage input, help to control quality and shorten construction time.

Fresh concrete in Da Nang – Dufago


The applications of fresh concrete in construction are very diverse because ready mixed concrete is a building material made of artificial stone with durable properties, with great bearing capacity, meeting the requirements of the works.

Each project requires high technique and different types of concrete concrete to construct suitable for each item of the project. Thanks to ready mixed concrete, large construction works are shortened working time, quickly thanks to automatic construction equipment, concrete pumps are extremely suitable for projects. For high buildings, the application of traditional methods takes a lot of time and effort, so using fresh concrete for high buildings is essential for measures such as pumping of 60m 30m 40m ...

Fresh concrete in Da Nang - Dufago
Fresh concrete in Da Nang – Dufago

The types of concrete commonly used are high-strength concrete of grade M200 to M350. Depending on the project, we use different types of concrete with prices ranging from a few hundred to several million dong depending on good or bad.


The best advantage of the use of ready mixed concrete are its fast, fast timing, and evenly ready mixed concrete. If you mix concrete yourself, it takes time, labor, and transportation. Meanwhile, ready mixed concrete has to be mixed, you just need to bring and construct, thus saving a lot of time and material.

Although ready mixed concrete has shortcomings such as the inability to control the quality of the contents of the ready mixed concrete, we cannot deny the the use of ready mixed concrete is the most appropriate and economical. The most important thing is to control whether the quantity of supplied concrete is of sufficient quality due to the fact that many cases of poor concrete distribution by suppliers have been recorded, resulting in many works quickly degrade.

Owners and investors should note: Using ready mixed concrete look for concrete mixing plants of reputable cement companies and sign contracts to classify products, standards and grades. Cement needs to be purchased, there is a contract compensation clause if the ready-mixed concrete is delivered of poor quality. When receiving concrete, it is advisable to check whether the truck has a lead seal, the delivery invoice must meet the signed standards and take samples for testing.


Concrete is an important product in construction works, good and quality concrete can produce quality work. Therefore, the process of preparing concrete to bring the project is extremely important.

Manual mixing method (mix-hand) - Danang Concrete

Step 1, you prepare enough to mix concrete, the main ingredients: golden sand, crushed stone, cement and water. The mixing of hands is calculated according to the formula depending on the grade of the concrete. It should be noted that the cement used for manual mixing is PCB 30 cement. When the materials are full, mix them first to ensure that the internal materials are evenly mixed. , sand, and cement are even. When you see them evenly, add the water and mix a few more times. Repeat until the number of Concrete is sufficient for the project.

Fresh concrete in Da Nang - Dufago
Manual mixing method

Method of mixing machine – Concrete Da Nang

As science develops, many machines are born to help people increase labor productivity. In which, there are free concrete mixers, self-propelled concrete mixers, forced concrete mixers, various types of concrete batching plants, etc. serving large and small projects depending on the purpose. Therefore, instead of mixing by hand, we mix by machine with less effort and time, but the mixing of concrete aggregates is superior.

It's all right
Da Nang Concrete

With the mixer method, we need the ratio of aggregate based on the concrete grade with a sufficient amount with the mixing capacity of the machine to ensure efficiency.

Fresh concrete is ready-mixed concrete, but its benefits must be recognized. There are many different mixing methods, using traditional machines or using hands to produce a quality block of fresh concrete. Either way, don't be subjective in controlling the quality of fresh concrete to get the right construction and quality as you expect.

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