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Concrete has high mobility

This is a special type of concrete with the ability to self-fill the structure, with great flexibility without water separation or aggregate stratification.


Material composition.

Using mixed portland cement PCB40, Yellow sand with Mn: 2.3 - 3.0, Dmax crushed stone type: 16mm, 10mm, Stone powder, Clean water for domestic use and high-grade superplasticizer specialized for self-compacting concrete .

Technical standards.

Products are designed and manufactured to meet current TCVN, ASTM and BS.

Usage benefits.

  • Concrete used in structures with thick reinforcement density, complex curving architecture or construction items with limited space for compaction and finishing.
  • Controlling concrete temperature control as well as optimal mixing composition helps customers save costs and reduce the risk of shrinkage during the curing process.
  • Reduce the number of construction workers.
  • Reduce 40% compaction work.
  • Easy surface finishing.
  • Good response when constructing structures with high density of steel.
  • Concrete pumping is easy and shortens construction time.
  • Rapid strength development after 3 or 7 days helps to speed up the construction progress.